Roee Ebenstein

Dr. Roee Ebenstein


I am a graduate of the CSE PhD Program at THE Ohio State University.
Advisor: Gagan Agrawal.

My main interest areas are: High Performance Computing (HPC), Databases (DB), and Artificial intelligence (AI).
I had worked with my advisor, Gagan Agrawal, on integration of DBMS concepts into the HPC dataset world.


Before graduating, in Summer 2018, I was a GA in the CSE department at OSU, under the supervision of my advisor, Gagan Agrawal.
Between 2012 and 2015, I had a GRA position at ACCAD - The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design. In this position I was part of the "Systems team", which provides computing and software solutions to the challenges ACCAD has as a research facility for computer animation.
More information regarding my activities at ACCAD will be provided as requested.
Before I started the PhD program, I had been an Oracle DBA and a Software Architect for 10 years.

My current CV contains more information about employment history. For a complete class list - please visit my Linkedin profile.
Any questions? contact me. I am always happy to communicate.